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“There is also a bit of personal satisfaction for me in seeing the wonderful Frontier show of today. It calls to mind the prophecy of my Denver friends of some twenty years ago who said the Frontier would die a natural death in three or four years. There has been quite a bit of pleasure in meeting those of them who are still in Denver and reminding them of their guess.” 


F.W. ANGIER, 1917


The Museum has partnered with the LEED Accredited Professional architects of Cheyenne-based architecture firm TDSi to develop a vision that is both beautifully crafted and state-of-the-art. The plans will significantly change the Museum's footprint. By analyzing the way space is used in existing and expanded square footage, a more efficient, accessible, and exciting Museum experience will be possible for visitors near and far. Our intention to keep the Frontier alive and well for another hundred years would make F.W. Angier proud.

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