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Gene Bryan
Mary E. Carpender
Marietta Dinneen
Bill Dubois
Shirley Flynn
Enid Lummis

Dr. J.S. Palen

Dick Pickett

John B. Rogers

Duane Von Krosigk

Mary Weppner

“The intent of founding the Museum was for it to be an integral part of CFD. It was the 81st show and we had 80 years of history with nowhere to showcase it. There were so many traditions and history, and there was no place to find out about it.”
                                           GENE BRYAN

Cheyenne Frontier Days—The Daddy of 'em All!


The Cheyenne Frontier Days™ Old West Museum founders saw a huge need in the late 1970s: a community story with great historical significance didn't have a centralized place to be told. Instead of throwing their hands up, they decided to do something about it: create a museum to celebrate and share the story of Cheyenne Frontier Days, which is also in great part the story of Cheyenne. It is this vision and service we honor with our commitment to expand the Museum for future generations. Our founders were called to execute an astounding vision and secured their own legacy. The Frontier is calling once again. How will you answer?

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